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Hi, I'm Hanne Deheegher, Art Director by day, collector of (way too much) porcelain plates by night. I took the local tradition to hang plates on the wall (or put them on a stand) and gave it a personal touch.








Each plate I use, has been around for a while. In the kitchen of a grandmother or hidden in an attic somewhere, until they cross my path. That's when I match the right colors and sizes and create a small community of beautiful porcelain friends. I can already see them shining on that empty wall in your house. (Yes, finally you're going to do something about that!)

How Talloor started...

So I started hunting for lonely plates in thrift stores and

flea markets all over Belgium.

Some plates just hate it when you cover their tremendous beauty with.... food. (I know it, because I'm The Plate Whisperer) They need to  be free,  to be seen! Yes, on your wall!

See the collection

From the table to the wall



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