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How to hang your Talloor set on the wall?

Are you the fresh new owner of a Talloor set? This guide tells you what to do with the poster you received together with your set of plates.

You will need :

  • one nail per plate if you have a plaster wall (or a screw with plug if you have a brick wall)


  • hammer for the nails (drilling machine for the screws) and some tape


  • your personal poster and the picture of your Talloor set that come with the plates


  • the plates

1/ Hang the poster on the wall

  • make sure the poster is leveled out (use a level tool if you want to be 100% sure)

  • use tape that doesn’t damage the paint on your wall

  • take a step back to verify that the circles drawn on the poster are in the good position


2/ Drive the nails into the wall on the marks


3/ Remove the poster


4/ Hang the plates

  • now the nails or srews are on the exact position

  • hang the plates according to the picture


5/ Finished!

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