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I want to buy a set, how does it work?

I don't have a webshop, I like a more personal touch :-)

So if you like a set, send me an e-mail ( and I get right back at you with more detailed pictures, specific information about the set, shipping costs and payment instructions.

If you agree to buy, you'll get a package with

1/ the set with hanging system included,

2/ the poster, so you can easily hang it to your wall. Check out the button "easy to hang".

3/ specific hanging instructions

How do I attach the plates on my wall?

Good news, you can hang the plates yourself easily! All you need is a hammer and some small nails. If you have a plaster wall, it will not leave big marks. Watch the detailed tutorial here.

Do you ship outside of Belgium?

If you live in Belgium, it can be easy to hand over your set in person. I live in the city of Leuven, but I travel around Flanders for my work. If you live too far, I can send the set by mail. I pack the plates myself and do not only wrap them with love, but also in very thick protecting materials. So yes, worldwide shipping is possible. Just ask me about the price.

What if a plate breaks while shipping or while hanging?

Although I do protect the plates very well, accidents can happen. If I have the same plate or a similar plate in my stock, I will try to help you out. 

Can I put Talloor plates in the dishwasher?

The plates are selected for decoration only, not for use in the kitchen. So you cannot wash them in the dishwasher (there's a hanging hook on the back that is not dishwasher proof). Take the plate of the wall, clean the dust with a damp cloth and carefully hang it back.

Can you make a special set for me?

You like a set, but it's too large, it's too blue or it's too horizontal, you can ask me to design something specific that matches the colors of your interior or matches plates you already have. Anything is possible. I first make a price calculation. If you agree with the price, I design the set until you are satisfied. Learn more about custum-made Talloor sets here.

Why do the prices vary so much?

I have been collecting ceramics for years and some of the plates are super rare. These sets are in a higher price range.


But charm doesn't always come in perfect conditions. That's why I have some sets that might include a plate with a small imperfection. For example, a spot in the glaze, a plate that is chipped at the back, a plate where the print is slightly worn off, etc. These sets are cheaper. 

If there are any imperfections in a set, I will always let you know through detailed pictures. So you can always decide whether to take the set or not. It's my way to save gorgeous plates from the trash can and give them a second life as decoration.

Can I throw Talloor plates at my partner if I'm angry?

No, I would not recommend it. You better throw the empty cereal box, it's much more affordable.

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