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If you want something very personal. Something you didn't see in my collection. I do make Talloor sets on demand. The price will be higher than a pre-made set, but the possibilities are endless! 

How does it work?

The easiest thing for me is to work from a distance. This saves me time and saves you money.

I will ask you to send me a picture of the wall you would like to decorate + the dimensions of the empty wall surface and the furniture in the picture. Also a few mood photos of the entire room, so I can match the colors of the plates to the colors in your interior. If you have certain preferences of colors or styles, just shoot! 


Then I start the design, I paste my plate proposals in the picture of your wall. Each simulation comes with the exact price. If you still want adjustments (different colors or different arrangement), I adjust and send new proposals. If you like it, I'll make the poster for easy hanging and you can do the pick up in Leuven (where I live) or I'll send it to you by mail (shipping costs will be added). Below you see some cases of very personalized assignments.

Massive Delft Blue for a creative director

This very large set I made for my first boss ever! I do not longer work for him, but he did ask me to make a set for a wall of about 3 to 4 meters in his beautiful loft in Leuven, Belgium. He loved the color palette of Delft Blue. So I went to his place to measure the wall. Then I cleared out my kitchen floor to be able to make the design. For a set this size, it's a nice choice to stay within one color range. 


 Meanwhile, he sold his place, but he took the set to another wall at his new place. Now it's hanging horizontally ❤️

Adjustable to the seasons

Sometimes, clients come up with fantastic ideas. A nice couple asked me to make a set that they can change according to the season. So I made a basic set in green olive colors combined with warm ochre colors for the autumn. The ochre colored plates can be replaced in spring, by joyful pink ones.


Composition around a doorway

A nice lady living in Miami asked my help to compose a plate set with plates from the webshop from her friend. She already had 6 plates on her wall that she liked, but she wanted it to be more dynamic and higher on the wall. So I chose matching plates and designed the composition. I sent her the poster and a video with exact hanging instructions. She got the plates from Collecto, a wonderful tableware brand based in Miami, USA. 


A perfect match with your interior

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